Close Reading Portfolio
To meet the challenges of the new career and college readiness standards and assessments SNAP! Learning has developed the Close Reading Portfolio series. Focused around comprehensive teacher lesson plans and a teaching protocol that guides students through the rigors of the new standards, Close Reading sets students up to confidently master the new assessments.
Structured Guided Reading
Most educators are familiar with guided reading, but teaching that approach is largely dependent upon extensive professional development that is difficult to institutionalize due to the ongoing expense of training and the turnover of teachers. SNAP! has developed a guided reading curriculum that is consistent, structured and requires no outside training, with professional development built right in.
Snap is great because it uses lots of visual support, and the comprehension component is a great check for Understanding tool!
– Maria Maya
Reading Teacher, Madera CA
I believe the repetitive structure of the books helped my students a lot. They became more and more confident and comfortable.
– Ms. Del Rio
RSP teacher, San Jose, CA
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